3. Time Bank

How much time do you have in your bank?

No. Not money. Definitly not money. I asked how much TIME do you have?

Im 21, and I’m sure only my FaceBook friends are reading this and they are around the age of 21 too, so I ask you fellow social network friends…. can you confidently tell me you have more years at your disposal than your older-age counterparts?

Honestly if you are 21 today, and you die tomorrow (god forbid), and the regular at your favorite coffee shop is 55 years old and he or she dies a decade later…. sorry to tell you but you’re very much time-poor.

Well if I told you that you have no idea exactly how much MONEY you have left in your bank account, and you can’t borrow or give money to anyone else… would you waste money on unnecessary things?

I mean I look at my credit card statements (with a bottle of wine to cope) and I see purchases here and there… 3.12— spent only $7 on food the whole day! Win!. 3.19 — spent $46 on sushi that was…honestly…meh. Well I see this and I can accurately see which days I won and which days I…well…lost.

So do yourself a favor and make yourself a time-statement. 3.04 — spent the whole day watching House of Cards — and LOVED it. 3.16 — Spent the day with old high school friends! 3.19 — Slept.

And just take a moment to reflect. Are you happy with your statement. If tomorrow your bank bounces your check or denies a credit…will you be happy with how you spent the time you had?

When you look at that girl across the room hoping maybe one day she might notice you. Maybe if you see her enough you might be able to strike a conversation. Eh, its monday after hours, she might not want to talk after a long day at work. Just take a moment to understand that tomorrow might not even come… and you should just do what you goddamn have to do… today. right now. because life doesn’t wait for you. If you got’ta get your revenge on the barista that always goddamn puts in whip cream when you say not to… well do that the fuck now!

Make your time-bank meaningful folks. You can’t create it. You can’t alter it. You can’t transfer it. Use what you have… now.

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