Why Are We Building A Travel Networking Platform

In early 2016, we started working on an idea to add a social layer on top of travel. The idea popped up when one of my co-founders was traveling from New Delhi to his hometown. He noticed an obvious fact that most of us shut ourselves behind the digital screen while traveling. Thus, losing out on the immense networking opportunities available to us.

So, we started building Companyon, a travel networking platform. As we researched more around the idea, we found that the lack of social interaction was not the only problem associated with the idea. Thus we took the other pain points in consideration and released a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in August 2016.

Lack of social interaction

I don’t need to emphasize more on the fact that we are becoming slaves of our smartphone screens. There is no love lost in case of traveling too. We bury ourselves in the pixels so much that we forget we might be traveling with a new business opportunity or a potential coffee date.

Image: themalaysianinsider.com

We facilitated this on Companyon by letting users connect before the journey starts. Just fill in your itinerary details and browse through the profiles of people traveling with you. You can chat with your co-travelers and perhaps plan the travel together. It is as simple as that.

You spend more time commuting daily than you imagine

Commuting to work is more time consuming than we actually think. As cities are getting bigger and congestion increasing everyday, the average time to commute is ever increasing. According to this report, an average Mumbai resident spends 66.18 minutes commuting to work. I am talking about ONE-WAY commute here. This is equal to approx. 22 days per year leaving your weekends aside. The number is 25.4 minutes for a one-way commute in the US. 
No brownie points for guessing what we do in that time (you know the answer).

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Let’s leave reducing traffic congestion to Elon Musk and The Boring Company.

Elon ‘Visionary’ Musk

We, at Companyon, are trying to turn your commute productive. Companyon has a separate feature for daily commute where you can meet and chat with people traveling on the same route as yours. So, you can better utilize that commuting time networking or making new friends.

We are acting as an ice-breaker

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There is a significant number of people who feel awkward to strike a conversation with strangers. That is why they say ice-breaking is an art. How many times has it happened that you wish to strike a conversation with your co-traveler and just can’t do it? 
We help you do precisely that by letting you connect with them even before your travel starts.

We are constantly addressing the aforementioned pain points. We encircled our mission to one simple statement: To build a vast co-travelers network. To do so, we are taking steps forward.
After a successful beta run and implementing feedback provided by beta users, we have launched the revamped version of Companyon. You can check it out a give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you. We are constantly improving and making travel more social and better, one step at a time.