Free sex, and more click baits.

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“I can’t get my head around writing”
Alright now before I start, there is a public service announcement that I need to make. Ever since I started penning down daily, a lot of people have come up to me and asked, “so what’s your long term plan with that?” “Are you trying to take it anywhere?” “Are you planning to take it up a notch later on?” And they seem to be putting in a lot of effort to not use the words business model. I appreciate that bit though, that attempt of trying to circumvent the awkwardness of saying, “are you first making people think you’re just a writer and then eventually planning to use their clicks for ad money?”
And well the answer is no. Medium is a reader first, mostly no bullshit platform that does not have a very prolific ad/clicks program. The writers who will, in future, get opportunities to write sponsored content are a countable few so well, as of now it’s just me and a white screen and a green publish icon that I get to push every day in the morning.

Alright, back to the usual text.

“I can’t get my head around writing”

A friend told me this morning as we talked about her willingness to start writing and become a full time professional soon. And that’s a complaint that isn’t really new to me. I had it myself for the longest time, and ever since I have started writing daily, I have had numerous people walk up to me and make this exact same complaint, verbatim.

So I thought maybe I could write about that complaint. Let today be about pulling up your work pants and getting some real shit done.

Now here is the deal. Most people fail at pushing through creative pursuits because they think of them as just that, a creative pursuit with the end product being the only outcome. In consequence, they end up doing things whose end product is more desireable. Like money, popularity, bed time with hot people, etc.

Life prioritises if you don’t. There is money to earn, places to go to. A boring selfie from your basement office ain’t gonna get you the kind of likes a picture against the Eifel tower will. So you prioritise things for yourself, you do things that gratify you more frequently. And sure there is nothing wrong with that. By all means, focus after doing things that do good for the rest of us, but the only problem is you don’t get to complain anymore.

You see, we all have 24 hours in a day. And these 24 hours are consumed, no wait, devoured by all the things we set as distractions around us. As long as we treat things that we wish to do as things that are of no real consequence, we automatically make sure that none of that is going to happen anytime soon. Don’t make hobby plans, we make retirement plans. Things that we could do when we have nothing else to do. And no, it’s not going to work out that way.

So here is what I did. I went online and declared that I was going to create one new piece of content every day. Maybe an article, maybe a video, but a little something, every day. And when I did that, I suddenly had a responsibility towards all the people who read and appreciated it. I had just created my first audience.

And after that, I wake up every day wondering and worrying about what I could possibly write today. Conversations like the one I begun with, make my job easy but that’s not every day. Sometimes I dread it, sometimes I hate pushing the keys, I have fallen asleep on my keyboard and it’s hardly been a month since we started. So it sure hasn’t been easy.

What is has been however, is beautiful. I have delayed deadlines because I had to write the article. I let go off of paid work because I cannot reduce the amount of time I spend after doing something that doesn’t have a business model. I sure hope some day, someone who really likes what I do will drop a big ticket writing project on my head but that’s for later. But until then, it is a toil.

Don’t get me wrong, there sure are rewards, the biggest being the event when people quote something that I came up with and the most frequent being the ability to press that green publish button. And these rewards keep me going. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough. And knowing that, realising that there probably is someone (just one is enough) who is waiting for this to go online, needs to be reason enough for me to take it as seriously as anything else that pays me with money.

So yes, if you’re thinking that there is something that you need to take up but your job keeps you too busy, and that you have way too many commitments, then well, maybe you’re right and you need to make peace with it, or maybe you aren’t, and you need to stop treating things that don’t pay as things that shouldn’t be taken just as seriously.