We are happy to announce that the tickets for the first edition of PartialConf are available on the website.

Last month we announced Partial as a conference showcasing the latest functional web technologies. Our goal is to provide a platform for experts and enthusiasts from all around the lambda world to share their ideas and exchange knowledge.

We have already announced a couple of speakers — Michał Muskała from the Elixir Ecto team, Bozhidar Batzov of Clojure and Emacs fame, Saša Jurić, author of “Elixir in action” and Ilias Van Peer, who will talk about Elm. …

Should I apply for their Call for Speakers? I mean, they look cool and I’ve heard that Southeastern Europe is nice and all, but what’s the…

Shh! 😶 Let me stop you right there. You have a question? We have the answers! All two of them.

What’s the format?

Partial is a two-day, single-track conference with long sessions and workshops. The first day, Friday, 22nd of September, will host 7 talks. The Saturday will host 3 training sessions, running simultaneously in the morning and will end with 3 more talks in the afternoon.

A training session will run for around 5 hours and…

Hi there. We are Genadi, Vestimir, Svetlio & Svetlio. It’s nice to meet you! 🤝 You might have seen us running around like crazy on the last EuRuKo. The event was well received and we decided to follow it with something a bit different. Something functional. Something for the web… Let us humbly try to entice you!

Friday Hug at EuRuKo 2016 with Terence Lee

Imagine spending a long early-autumn weekend in sunny Sofia, enjoying delicious Balkan food and drinks. Visiting some centuries-old monuments, all while getting ready for a couple of conference days full of interesting lectures covering a wide range of functional programming topics and engaging…

partial :: Conf

Distribute yourself with some Erlang. Prevent you some runtime errors with Elm. Transactional memorize yourself with some Clojure… This and way more at Partial!

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