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Should I apply for their Call for Speakers? I mean, they look cool and I’ve heard that Southeastern Europe is nice and all, but what’s the…

Shh! 😶 Let me stop you right there. You have a question? We have the answers! All two of them.

What’s the format?

Partial is a two-day, single-track conference with long sessions and workshops. The first day, Friday, 22nd of September, will host 7 talks. The Saturday will host 3 training sessions, running simultaneously in the morning and will end with 3 more talks in the afternoon.

A training session will run for around 5 hours and a talk will last for 40 minutes. As a speaker or a trainer, this means you will have enough time to dig deep into your topic. As an attendee, you’ll still get 2 days of a conference (even if you don’t attend a training session), and some free time to hang around in Sofia, Bulgaria!

What do I get if I’m selected?

As a speaker or a trainer, we will be cover all of your travelling accommodations. This means that the flight and the hotel stay is on us. It’s a great way to get to the conference without making it a big investment.

You get spread the functional love! We do feel the need of talking about some tech you don’t see that often in the mainstream conferences. You can help spread the word about that little project you like so much.

Last, but not least, speaking at a conference is a great personal development. It makes you more marketable in-front of your current and future employers, it helps you explain your ideas better, you get to make new friends… All that good stuff!

We hope we managed to convince you. And can't wait to see your application for speaking at our humble conference! Head on to our website to do so.

Do you still have any questions left unanswered? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or twitter.

Yours partially! ❤️

partial :: Conf

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Distribute yourself with some Erlang. Prevent you some runtime errors with Elm. Transactional memorize yourself with some Clojure… This and way more at Partial!

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