I co-founded Sonder five years ago while attending college in Montreal with no money, no network, and no experience. I didn’t know a single entrepreneur, I knew nothing about Silicon Valley or TechCrunch, and certainly didn’t believe in angels and unicorns. I can’t believe that today we’re announcing our $225M series D with a valuation exceeding $1 billion dollars. In this post, I’ll attempt to unpack how the hell that happened.

Before, a bit about Sonder. Our goal is nothing less than to build the world’s most loved hospitality brand. We want to infuse hospitality with our passion for architecture, design, culture and technology and do so across all accommodation categories (apartments, hotels, villas and entirely novel forms). We intend to surpass Marriott’s global scale, and to create an iconic brand — one of the greats of the greats along with Apple, Disney, and Nike. …


Francis Davidson

Co-Founder, CEO. Sonder

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