As we all know, Filecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that can be obtained by mining using hardware such as personal computers or modified computers so that they can produce optimal network performance. Basically, cryptocurrencies are blockchain-based currencies, where the blockchain itself is a decentralized transaction log book, and Filecoin miners are like the party that records these transactions so that the Filecoin network can run smoothly.

Furthermore, FoxWallet is a cryptocurrency storage application (wallet). FoxWallet supports the Filecoin ecosystem and can be used to store Filecoin itself.

As it turns out, mining Filecoin can be done without hardware. Filecoin itself from mining results can be sold to the crypto market and make money that is profitable for miners. However, for some people, especially those who are interested in getting Filecoin but do not have a computer or are worried because the cost to run hardware (computers) requires expensive electricity costs if done individually, they are confused about how to mine Filecoin optimally.

Now, FoxWallet can be used as a means to get Filecoin without the need for relatively expensive hardware. With the Wallet Connect feature (go to the DISCOVER menu), FoxWallet as a cryptocurrency wallet can connect users with the Filecoin mining application online. Please note, this online Filecoin mining provider actually uses hardware (computers) but they have a large scale so that it is more efficient with the more users joining, the greater the power they generate.

The following are 2 Filecoin mining applications that can be accessed from the FoxWallet application:



SFIL stands for Standard Full Hashrate of Filecoin (SFIL) Token. SFIL is a crypto currency, registered on Coinmarketcap ( and Coingecko ( -standard-full-hashrate).

SFIL is a token that can be owned on the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SFIL on the Ethereum network can be purchased at while the BSC network can be purchased at

By purchasing SFIL, storing it in FoxWallet and connecting to the SFIL DApp, users can get a gift in the form of Filecoin which can be taken at any time (if the minimum quota is met) to a personal Filecoin wallet or to the crypto market.

Here is the DApp address and contract of the SFIL Token
SFIL Dapp:
SFIL BSC: 0x965b85D4674F64422c4898C8F8083187f02B32C0
For more information, you can look at the web



CRFI is also a token on the BSC network. CRFI can be purchased at (Contract: 0xAE20BC46300BAb5d85612C6BC6EA87eA0F186035).

By buying CRFI, storing it in FoxWallet and connecting to the DApp ( - also read more information on this web) then within a certain time you can get a gift in the form of Filecoin, just like mining Filecoin with komouty, only in this case you represent it to the CFRI.


Filecoin mining virtually using FoxWallet as a medium is expected to be a profitable investment vehicle for users, considering that Filecoin itself is a cryptocurrency, including the influential one, has been running since 2017 and can be traded on various crypto currency markets (CEX).

But keep in mind, both SFIL & CRFI are means of investing in volatile cryptocurrencies. Users are advised not to use daily necessities to invest in Filecoin mining. Keep using the money you are ready to speculate, and keep doing your own research before investing (Do Your Own Research/DYOR).





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