What Makes Dell Laptop Batteries So Special?

Looking for a good laptop battery can be extremely difficult these days. As laptops are getting more complicated, they’ve also begun to use more power than before. Power is quickly gulped down by fast current processors, as well as larger screens. Without a good battery, laptops will last only for a couple of hours without being plugged in. Fortunately, Dell has worked quite hard to maintain their batteries, and they offer high quality and reliable batteries for the laptops.

Let’s have a closer look at it and what makes Dell Laptop batteries so unique.

Dell offers a number of batteries; different ones are offered for different laptops. Sometimes, a laptop will come with many battery options — two unusual batteries with different Watt hours ratings, which have different run times. You have the choice to select the one with the higher Watt-hour rating so that you can acquire the maximum life out of it and experience the difference that Dell laptop batteries can make. There is no actual way to tell accurately, how long one battery will last, as even two batteries on two identical systems can be used at different rates, depending on the applications and settings that are being run.

Other companies build laptop batteries, that are apparently compatible with Dell laptops, but Dell suggests that you do not use them as they have not been tested and may not work or may even pose a safety hazard. Dell Laptop batteries can hold a huge amount of power and are potentially hazardous if they are to be discharged improperly. Most of the other batteries are compatible with Dell laptops, but Dell proposes to not to try them. As such kind of batteries don not promises guarantee. On the other hand, Dell offers replacement batteries for the laptops, and they are easier to install, the old ones have to be popped out and the new ones are to be put in. There really isn’t a much of maintenance involved in replacing a laptop battery.

In addition to the normal battery, Dell presents a “battery slice,” which is an extra battery that is attached to the bottom of your laptop to give extra laptop runtime. This is a great way to improve your already great Dell battery.

Dell laptop batteries really stand out from the crowd, but, like all other batteries, they can’t only last for so long. In order to take advantage of the amount of battery like you get from Dell battery, you can do certain things to optimize your laptop. Optimization techniques include making sure that unnecessary radio mechanisms are off, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turning down screen brightness, adjusting processor settings, and making sure that power settings are turned on so that your laptop goes into screen saver mode very quickly.

As you can see, there’s a lot to know about Dell laptop batteries. Dell batteries stand out from the competition. Dell produces great laptop batteries which charge rapidly, hold a long charge and do well. Try out Dell laptops and batteries today to see how they really stand out!

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