Cobra Stang Adventure

Mail Box get full of junk mail regularly ? mine always . . .want the chance to see this background inside your garage . . ..? just wonderin’ . .. are you an SVT type ? really just wonderin’ . . . join the white paper crowd . . . . and never go the filling station without bringing back a dozen junk sparkplugs . . .you can contribute used sparkplugs just like junk mail

The Adventure Event for the Mustang Cobra . . . is a total Enabler . . . if you love adventure . . . if you follow instructions . . . if you have a night life . . . and don’t get nervous easy . . . join Adventure Bennies Club ; white paper crowd . . . it comes in your junk mail regularly . . . and you won’t miss it when it’s gone . . . contribute white paper from your junk mail . . .and become eligible to compete for this Red Monster in the back ground . . .

A great deal of the white paper in your junk mail has plastic windows ; just rip the plastic windows off . . . and send the rest . . . to ; Rav Avi La, 27923 Mandarin Ave., Hayward Calif., 94544 (never more than 10 pounds in each contribution).

Join the White Paper Crowd and never again buy appliances, just contribute white paper from your junk mail, and see nice appliances arrive at your door step, after a short competition . . . or this beast in the back ground.

For the custom Bike, the Gulwing, or the Cobra Daytona and the very nice Lamborghini , and flying High aircraft. And if you are getting Married . And don’t plan home appliance spending without checking this out. And check out the new Chevelle . . .

Join the white paper crowd or buy an Expensive Cheap T-shirt and compete to put one of these in your driveway . . .. contribute white paper from your junk mail . . . you won’t miss it

Opportunity will not follow you around . . . you have to bind yourself to opportunity . . . in this case . . . DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE BACKGROUND . . . ?

can you finish what you start . . .?

Do you Like the Mustang Cobra, SVT ? . . .

and if you join our white paper crowd. . . there’s no need to buy the expensive cheap ass T-shirt, if you contribute white paper from your junk mail . . . never send more than 10 pounds per pack, and always rip out the plastic windows or the entire pack is disqualified . . . always mail to : Rav Avi La, 27923 Mandarin Ave., Hayward Calif., 94544


If you don’t have roadside assistance service, or if you spend big money on skin care (ladies), we have a roadside assistance service 47 states, and Canada, for all individuals who contribute the monthly reward gift bonus levels . . . that goes for all the skin care products currently offered . . .

Note : Adventure Club Bennies was approached by an international partner, bringing together better resources, to enable the Adventure Bennies Event on an international level . . . and these vehicles and other gift selections listed are available on any city on the planet . . . that’s right . . . no matter where you live . . . you can begin sending white paper from your junk mail . . . and then simply wait for your Adventure Bennies Event invitation . . . to compete for the item in the background . . .Everyone who contributes white paper from junk mail . . . receives an invitation, it does not mean you will get the vehicle, only that you get to compete for it . .. . and the competitions are Real ! finish at the front of the line . . . I will deliver the vehicle in person. Again Adventure Club Bennies has no control over who finishes first . . . we only set the lure, you all sniff out the clues, go on paid adventure events, you might run into other people doing what you are doing . . . you may be asked to sabotage other individuals, but if you want the opportunity take home a great vehicle, follow directions, and see the details .

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Join the White Paper Crowd . . . the junk mail is never missed

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for the custom Bike, the Gulwing, or the Cobra Daytona and the very nice Lamborghini , and flying High aircraft.

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