3 Bizarre American Wedding Traditions and How They Stemmed To Become Customary

Heading for your wedding in a Boston coach bus or one of our Boston charter buses? How much is it that you know about weddings?

Did you know most of the wedding traditions we follow today first began hundreds of years from today? More to the surprise, they have had completely different meanings that one would find bizarre today. But like every tradition has significance and symbolizes certain things, so do wedding traditions. In this blog, we will list down three such unusual wedding traditions that are simply far from reality. Hope you will enjoy reading about them when planning your own wedding and booking Boston charter buses as wedding transportation.

1. Bridal Showers:

Ever wondered why bridal showers have the word shower in them? It’s because in earlier days, a party was organized by the bride’s family and female friends where they would place all the gifts in a parasol or an umbrella and raise it above the bride’s head. The bride would then open the parasol and all the gifts would come showering on her –thus the word shower.

2. Wedding attire:

Never questioned why bridesmaids all wear the same dresses? There is an interesting tradition being followed. All the ladies closest to the bride wore similar dresses so as to confuse any evil spirits that may attempt kidnapping of the bride. Strange, but true!

3. Honeymooning:

You must have already heard that in ancient times, men would hunt down their brides and unwillingly make them their wives. The groomsmen — the groom’s friends then, helped in the abduction. Then the bride and groom would leave and go someplace else. This allowed the man to gain his wife’s consent and accept him as her husband. The period lasted or about a month, which we know as honeymoon.

Even today, the groom’s side assists in the honeymoon planning by booking a ride to the airport for the couple to head straight for their honeymoon. They also book Boston charter buses or a Boston coach bus for all the guests to go home in.

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