Unconventional Wedding Venues

Not only are wedding and reception venues hard to book during peak season, they can also be very boring and look the same; the same cream-colored tents, the same churchy views to look at and almost the same looking decorations every time.

Don’t do it! Be creative instead. Here are our picks of some unconventional wedding venues for your wedding that are not only unique but are also easier to book. As for the transport, leave that to Party Bus Rental in MD

Mid-Air Weddings:

Nothing beats a hot air balloon mid-air wedding. Pull this one off and your wedding will always be remembered by anyone who was a part of it. Unconventional but classy; isn’t’ that the perfect combination to look forward to for your wedding? How to get there? Book a Party Bus in Virginia.

Castle Weddings:

This is the day when you make your fairytale wedding dream a reality. Pick a castle to wed in so that you truly feel like the princess your daddy always called you. Let us help you make a grand entrance as you reach in our Party Bus Rental in MD.

Wine Cellar Weddings:

Who doesn’t love a wine-based wedding? We all do! There is wine, the best local food and a beautiful harvest in full bloom to bring that wow factor to your photographs. If the vineyard holds a basement where wine is made or kept, you can hold your wedding reception there to keep it classy.

Nursery Weddings:

This is a slightly quirky alternative to a backyard or a garden wedding. If you are plant lover, nurseries are also one of the most beautiful places to get wedded in. You can rest assured that your wedding album would look heavenly with the burst of colors of all shades. Book party bus services in Virginia today to make it happen!

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