Estimating How Many Guests Will ACTUALLY Come to Your Wedding

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When finalizing a guest list, every couple has to deal with the “how many guests will actually come to my wedding” question. A well-calculated answer makes things like arranging for seating, how much food to order and how many charter bus rentals DC to book easier.

Therefore, to help you with the calculations, we present a simple mathematical equation to come up with an estimated number.

Local Guests

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Even if you have been a little late in sending out your wedding invitations, the likelihood of them attending your wedding is high. After thoroughly accounting for all the plus-ones; let’s say, 85% of them will attend if you invited 120.

Out-Of-Town Guests

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The decline in percentage will relatively be larger as compared to your local guest list. There may be a myriad of reasons why they would decline an invitation. If you invited 50 of them, chances are that only 60% of them will be able to actually show up. So, the safer estimate here is 60%. If you want that percentage to increase, you can always promise decent lodgings and a Dc charter bus for in-town sightseeing.

Calculating the Final Showdown

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Now that you have your supposed percentages, it is time to calculate the final number.
The final equation will look something like this:
(The total number of local guests invited * 85%) + (The total number of out of town guests invited * 60%) = The number of people who will attend your wedding.
After putting the numbers in the equation, we have:
(120*85%) + (50*60%) = 132
To conclude, you will have about 132 people at your wedding.
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Start by booking a charter bus Service in DC as you can’t possibly fit all these people in a single limo. You can also book the same bus charter DC to take your out-of-town guests sightseeing.