Five Ways a DC Charter Bus Transformed a Good Wedding into Something Incredible

John and Paula were married last summer. They chose a DC charter bus instead of the traditional limousine. They did this because they had a wonderful surprise in store for their friends and family. Ultimately, several things led to this transforming from your average wedding into one that was called “incredible” by many of their family and friends.

1. No one had to worry about driving.

With a charter bus rental DC, when planned properly, the wedding guests can leave their vehicles where they are and not have to worry about driving the rest of the day.

2. The bride and groom spent more quality time with their loved ones.

Because they were on a fleet of coach buses, they were able to shift from one to the next, spending quality time with people who had traveled across the country to be there on their special day.

3. They went sightseeing.

They contemplated hiring a DC party bus rental, but chose a couple of coach buses to do sightseeing. In between the ceremony and reception were about three or four hours; so the bride and groom saw this as a great opportunity for their family and friends to see DC.

4. It kept everyone safe.

Because no one had to worry about driving, directions, or parking, they were all safe as they were altogether and because they had hired an experienced company.

5. It was unique.

Not many engaged couples would even consider a DC charter bus or DC Limo Bus for their wedding, and this unique experience helped to solidify memories for many years to come. Call us today at (866) 818–2293.