Birthday Party Ideas — Birthday Themes, Activities And Games- Teenage

A Teen age party is an exciting occasion for any teenager. Once you’ve got your Teen party theme and venue nailed down, it’s time to move on to some of the other details of the party such as games and entertainment. Dj Music, Hunted Party, Movie, Boating, Swimming, Anthakshari, Truth or Dare game, Bowling, Sleep Over, Etc



A whole party thats backwards from end to start ! & Thats right — you got it all BACKWARDS ! & Kids are going to be screaming with FUN or is it NUF : )


Halloween- Want to have a SPOOKTACULAR Birthday party ? We can show you HOW to WOW your guests with FANTA-FABULOUS TRICK or TREAT ideas !

Rock Star

Who wants to ROCK n ROLL ! A cool theme for a ROCKING birthday party ! ROCK ON ROCKSTARS !


The kids are going to literally have a BALL in this one ! READY , GET SET, BOWL !


All time favorite theme, for boys and girls especially ! You simply can’t go wrong with it ! They are going to be so charged up with excitement !


The Great Birthday SPLASH ! This refreshing pool party in the heat of summer is sure to be a knockout !


What could be more exciting than a camping birthday party ! Tents,campfire,marshmallows — parents, its nightout for kids, this time !

Movie Theme

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a movie night with friends ? Movie & POPCORN, need we say more ! Kids will love this !

Games and Activities:

Sleep Over






Rock Climbing


ROCK Climbing

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