Coolest Light Decor Ideas For Your Christmas Night Celebrations!

Whether it’s a string of icicle lights or a bunch of fairy lights or a cluster of Moravian stars, you just can’t think of Christmas celebrations without these illuminating decor essentials, isn’t it? Since the much-awaited celebration is almost here, we’ve put up a tiny list of ideas to help you with your light decors this year.

Brighten up the walls and mirrors:

String lights are the very first choice for a typical Christmas decoration. These cute and tiny decor pieces can be used in a variety of ways. One out-of-the-box way to use these lights is to add them to a wall or around a vanity mirror.

Fairy lights in a jar:

This all-time favorite light decor on almost every occasion is damn easy to make. All thanks to the battery operated string lights that can be simply be tossed into the mason jars which can further be clustered together on a mantel on the entryway so as to set that holiday and celebration mood.

Wrap outdoor trees and plants in lights:

Take your Christmas decorations outdoor and create stunning masterpieces by wrapping outdoor trees and plants with lights. You’ll need the right length of string lights, a bit of measurement and creativity to do that. It is advisable to drape the lights all over the trees and also string them to the interior branches so as to create the best kind of visual effects.

Add topiary animals to your decoration:

Topiary animals are the best kind of decorative essentials you can invest in this Christmas. These are often made up of grapevine or artificial greenery and are readily available in different light colors and heights. You can use these illuminated creatures to add that warm and natural feel to your Christmas celebrations.

Hang some Moravian stars for that magical effect:

Graphical shapes can help create the sassiest type. Moravian stars are an excellent way to add that graphical illumination into your Christmas decorations. You can simply hang these gorgeous pieces of decor throughout your yard or onto the trees for that impeccable glow.

Create that falling snow effect with icicle lights:

A snowy backdrop is a very first thing that pops up in our minds when we imagine the Christmas night celebrations. Why not create such a backdrop all by yourself? Just the way you like it! Just hang icicle lights along fences or drape your rooftop with them so as to convey a sense of falling snow.

Hope you’ve got enough inspiration to put up a bang on light decor this Christmas!

Source : Party Vapours