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What better way to celebrate summers than a pool party? Invite all your friends to an exotic swimming pool party and beat the summer heat like a boss. Also, to keep your guests entertained, we have the best pool games of all time lined up for you:

Belly flop contest:

All you need to conduct this fun contest is a swimming pool, a couple of your friends and a panel of bi-partisan judges. Once you’re done with the arrangements, indulge your friends and family into belly flops. The one with the coolest splash size wins!


The game starts with one of the players (knight) sitting on the shoulders of another (horse) and armed with a pool noodle. They are made to compete against another pair in similar positions. Now, both the ‘Knights’ battle against each other using the pool noodle and the one who knocks down and makes him/ her fall into water is the winner.

Wet t-shirt contest:

This game is more like a relay race and requires two teams and two t-shirts. Make each team form a line at one end of the pool. Now, the first person from both the teams puts on the t-shirt and swims to the other end of the pool and returns back. Thereafter, the t-shirt is supposed to be taken off so that the next player in the line repeats the same and so on. The first team to have completed the task first wins the game.

Pool flip cup:

This game is just a swimming pool version of the original flip cup game. All you need to do is create a flip cup set up next to the pool and split into two teams. The game then starts with the players diving into the pool and swimming down to one end and back. Thereafter, they are supposed to down a beer and flip their cup. The entire team repeats the process and the one that completes it first is the winner.

Volley ball:

This one is yet again a swimming pool version of the original volleyball game. Just replace your volleyball with a beach ball and spread a net across the pool. Rules remain the same and fun multiplies like crazy!

So, raise up the fun quotient at your pool party with these games so that your friends remember this party for ages!

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