Healthy Habits To Adopt Before Your Wedding And Follow Ever After!

We come across a number of nondescript pieces of advice of inculcating certain habits into our routine almost every day in our lives. Little do we know that these habits may work wonders for us if we make them a part of our day to day lives, especially if you are someone who is soon going to walk down the aisle!

You may have ignored such valuable suggestions for a long time now. It’s okay, you can inculcate all those habits now. After all, who doesn’t want to look great on his/her big day and these habits are surely going to help you with the same.

Kick the carbs:

Everything from your skin to your hair to your nails shows how healthily you eat. So, if you have a been a total mess when it comes to meals and health, it’s time you mend your ways. After all, you wouldn’t want that acne or brittle hair or dull skin to ruin your D-day photographs, right? Startup by kicking out the carbs from your diet. Consider adding lean protein sources, fruits, whole grains and starchy vegetables into your diet. This will help you feel lighter and have more natural energy.

Stay hydrated:

That’s something all your elders would have told you time and again, isn’t it? Well, water is an all-in-one solution for most of your health-related issues. The best part? It ensures that you cut down the sugar intakes. And when you are asked to stay hydrated, it means water and just water. However, you may even opt for fresh fruit juices but those sugary sodas are a big no-no. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will not only help lose weight, it will also create an impulse around it.

Adopt an appropriate skincare routine:

This needs to be done at least six months before your wedding. Make an appointment with your dermatologist and get to know the best skin care products before your nuptials. Once that’s done, you’ve got to follow the skin care routine that your dermatologist suggests and that too religiously.

Exercise regularly:

No matter how badly you hate it, there’s nothing better than exercise when it comes to looking good. From the shape and size of your body to the quality of your skin to the texture of your hair, there’s nothing that exercise can’t help with. Exercising even for 15–20 minutes every day can help impart a natural glow to your skin by regulating blood all around your body.

Early to bed and early to rise:

If you find it difficult to fall asleep amidst all the wedding planning chaos, opt for guided meditation. It’ll help you sleep well. You can even try sleepy tea or blackout blinds to help yourself. Make it a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep so that lack of sleep doesn’t show up on your face on the most important day of your life. Avoid caffeine or other such foods just to stay awake. And the most important thing- keep your phone aside before going to bed.

Deep conditioning:

Apart from healthy food, enough hydration, and regular exercise, deep conditioning can help grow your hair for your big day. Treat yourself to a deep conditioning every few weeks to restore your hair. Consider investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. You may even consider taking supplements so as to save your hair from the harsh effects of bridal updos and blow outs.

You can stick to these habits after your D-day as well. After all, there’s no harm in adopting a healthy routine, right?

Source : Party Vapours