Makeup Hacks Every Bride Needs To Know

Want to look your best on your D-day? Wish to turn heads with a stunning look? Wondering how? Well, with these extremely efficacious hacks you can be your best self on your big day:

Waterproof makeup:

Brides getting married during the summers should consider using oil free products. Every makeup product varying from foundation to primer to moisturizer should have an oil- free composition. Also, make it a point to keep wet tissues and blotting sheets handy.

Waterproof makeup

Little more than usual:

Every woman wishes to look picture perfect on her D-day. As a matter of fact, cameras have a tendency to tone down that make up look of yours. So, consider applying a little more makeup than you usually apply. This will help you look impeccable in all your wedding photographs.



Since it is a special day of your life and you want to leave no stone unturned to look beautiful, consider following tricks that help your makeup last longer. Cleanse and moisturize properly. Thereafter apply primer as it helps makeup last longer. Your D-day is going to be a long one and you may not be able to touch- up as and when required. This trick will help you look fresh and flawless during the entire event.


Makeup brushes and sponge:

For a finished and smooth look, consider applying your foundation with the help of a makeup brush or sponge. Also, instead of swiping the sponge over your face, stipple it for that natural look. Avoid using your fingers as they may leave behind fingerprints, bacteria, germs and a lot more!

Makeup sponge


Unlike the oil free foundation and primer, opt for oil based concealer. Since the area under your eyes has no oil glands, so, it is advisable to opt for an oil based concealer so as to avoid that cakey look. Also, opt for peach like shades for the under eye area while for covering those blemishes on other parts you should opt for yellow toned concealers. This will help hide those imperfections efficaciously and compliment the makeup that you use.



Opt for a cream blush instead of the powdered one. A cream blush goes sheer and makes you look healthy and fresh. In order to know the right places to apply blush, smile while you apply it. Smiling make your cheeks pop out. This is where you are supposed to blend it in.

Cream blush

Eye makeup:

Consider using eye-enhancing makeup techniques. Use waterproof eye makeup. Since you want to make your eyes look big, so, choose all your products accordingly. Use a gel eyeliner instead of the usual one. Go for fake eyelashes, eye enhancing shadows and eyebrow enhancer so as to get that perfect look!

Eye makeup

Lip color:

Nourish your lips using lip balm before applying lipstick or gloss so that they do not like dry or flaky. Thereafter use a lip liner to acquire that bold look and perfectly defined lips. You can even opt for a lip pencil as it tends to hold the color longer.

Lip color

Source: Party Vapours