Quick, Easy And Interesting Christmas Desserts That’ll Keep Your Guests Wanting!

Winters are approaching!

So is Christmas!

And the baking season!

And a time full of celebrations!

Most of you must have started planning your Christmas party by now, isn’t it? You must be browsing the internet for the cool party decoration and food ideas especially desserts, the most important aspect of a Christmas party. Search no more because you’ve landed at the right place! We’ve accumulated a bunch of quick, easy and interesting dessert recipes that you can serve your guests this Baking season!

Strawberry Santas:

Ho ho ho! The very first sound that would cross your mind when getting into the Christmas spirit. Yes, our very own Santa Claus! You can create the miniature versions of the giant and fluffy wish granter using just two ingredients. Just pipe in a thick mascarpone frosting onto cut strawberries and reserve the strawberries’ bottoms to create a cute hat for your tiny Santa!

Cranberry Pannacotta:

A quick and easy dessert that is sure to bowl over all your guests and keep them longing for more. You can make this wonderful low-fat panna cotta using cranberries, gelatin, water, and buttermilk. Add the required amount of sweetener and garnish it with peppermint and nuts before serving.

Fig cookies:

Leave those chocolate or peppermint cookies aside this Christmas. Instead try these Fancy, Italian fig cookies and wow all your guests. It’s very simple to make these utterly delicious cookies. Fill your traditional sugar-cookie dough, with a mixture of figs, chocolate, and orange marmalade and bake your cookies in the desired shape. Drizzle some chocolate ganache all over these cookies before serving.

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups:

Wait, we are not talking about the typical mugs full of hot chocolate served with cookies! You’ve got to create all the things that are mentioned here. Yes! Start by forming the base out of baked sugar cookie dough. Thereafter, fill it with chocolate ganache and add a pretzel handle secured with melted chocolate. You can garnish your hot chocolate with your favorite toppings.

Cupcake Christmas tree:

This dessert is basically a twisted form of your typical chocolate cupcakes. All you have to do is coat the frosted tops with green sprinkles. Thereafter, you are supposed to create an eye-catching centerpiece by fastening these cupcakes onto a Styrofoam cone with the help of toothpicks.

Panettone bread pudding with Amaretto sauce:

This is yet another Italian dessert that you shouldn’t miss out on this Christmas. Create this yummilicious dessert by soaking tender cubes of panettone bread in a rich custard. Thereafter bake these cubes and serve after you’ve drizzled Amaretto sauce all over it.

Sugared Cranberries:

Simplest of all the Christmas desserts on our list, these sugar-coated cranberries are enough to please your sweet-toothed guests. The best part? You can keep these sugary delights in an air-tight container for a week!

So, which one are you going to try this Christmas?

Source : Party Vapours