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In the last few weeks we’ve spent a lot of time thinking, talking about and documenting our company culture.

As an early stage startup with less than 10 people you might wonder why — and think we’d be better off focusing on product market fit, growth and monetization.

That is true. And we are working very hard on these things most of the time. Plus we think we have a great company culture already. But we thought it was important to verbalise exactly what our culture is and what we stand for.

It all kicked off with this email from our CEO Dan Fennessy, inspired by a recent trip to the US, where he met a bunch of startups and mentors and visited offices of very successful startups like Airbnb and Uber that have maintained their company cultures despite explosive growth:

Hey guys,

As well as the big things we are all working towards, the theme for this week is Company Culture.

Our CULTURE is OUR MOST IMPORTANT THING — it’s at the core of WHY & HOW we do everything we do.

I’ve worked at other companies with both good and bad cultures & I can tell you that what we have in terms of culture is something really really special. It’s something we should all be proud of — because it’s a result of all of us, and it’s not something to be taken for granted.

It comes back to the core themes of being open, being bold & having fun — in everything we do.

Thinking beyond just us too — we are trying to create an open-minded, trustworthy, spontaneous, adventurous & fun loving community of users and I believe that has to start with us. We need to be the embodiment of the community we want to create. It starts with us, and our culture.

I’m mindful that in times of pressure and change, just like we are constantly in, culture can be put to the side. This should not be and CANNOT be the case for us. Once culture is lost, and that can happen from little things adding up, it’s almost impossible to get back (I witnessed that happen at companies I worked at). Once that happens the company is never the same, and things normally go to shit.

So — we have to really have to fight to keep our very special Party with a Local culture. It’s SO IMPORTANT.

I’m going to be setting up some 1 on 1’s with you all this week to talk about culture and how we can maintain ours. Then we’ll have a team talk mid week to discuss the key points and agree to some things on how we can maintain our awesome culture, sound good?

In the spirit of being open, one of the cornerstones of our culture, we decided to share the outcome of these Party with a Local team talks publicly, in our 10 Slide ‘Culture Deck’:

Let us know what you think!

And remember to check out the Party with a Local app and join our open-minded, trustworthy, spontaneous, adventurous and fun loving community of users around the world.

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