Stories of Party with a Local #1: Intercontinental partying from Amsterdam to Bangkok

As 2015 drew to a close, we asked our Party with a Local users to share their best Party with a Local experiences. This story comes from Florian, a user from Germany, who tells us about his PwaL experience that spanned two continents.

So this is my PwaL story. As it spans over two continents, I’ll try to make it short.

After downloading the app in Amsterdam, I met this crazy guy, Michael. We ended up becoming good friends — with him even hosting me for 2 weeks in his flat after I lost my job in Amsterdam and got kicked out of their company flat (lovely people… :D).

After I moved back to Germany, countless visits to Michael’s place followed (including a wicked PwaL New Years Party and Mysteryland).

When I decided to backpack through Thailand with my girlfriend and a buddy, Michael spontaneously booked a flight to Thailand as well and joined us for the party.

*jumps to next continent*

As we stood on the balcony of our Airbnb flat in the State Tower of Bangkok (where they filmed The Hangover 2) overlooking the city, we started up the PwaL app and saw a guy looking for people to join him to visit our exact tower.

So we hit him up, told him to bring at least 5 people with him, and to come join us for a private balcony party. Soon Dylan arrived with his group and our balcony party soon turned into a massive night out!

I then became friends with one of the guys Dylan brought to the party, and ended up traveling with him 4 months later through Malaysia and Singapore. So this awesome app has had a amazingly fun impact on my life, and I want to thank Michael for being a crazy friend and drinking buddy!

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