Being featured on Product Hunt: the results

With the recent launch of the new and improved version 2.0 of the app, Party with a Local was featured on Product Hunt.

As well as being the 3rd most upvoted product of the day, Party with a Local appeared on the Product Hunt homepage header, the home screen for ‘popular’ products on the app, and the homepage header of the tech section of the website — for almost a full week! We were also mentioned in the Product Hunt Tech Digest email.

We were really pleased to be featured so heavily on Product Hunt — both on launch day and after — and have gathered a total of 659 upvotes on Product Hunt (so far).

But what were the external results of being featured on Product Hunt?

Firstly, and most importantly, we got a lot of great feedback on Product Hunt (over 50 comments) and it brought in a lot of great new users to our global community.

Product Hunt users seem to make good pretty Party with a Local users too we’re finding — curious, open-minded, like to discover new things and interact with a community of like-minded people… makes sense! :-)

What else did the Product Hunt feature bring?

The Stats

Below you will find some stats from the 2 weeks following our launch on Product Hunt, hopefully providing some insight into the effects of being featured on Product Hunt:

  • 4,148 pageviews on our website referred directly from Product Hunt.
  • The vast majority of these were unique (3,907), with viewers spending an average of 03:17 minutes on the site.
  • This traffic came from major cities around the world, with the top 3 cities being San Francisco, New York and London.
  • Many views also came from Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Berlin, Istanbul, and Toronto, demonstrating the wide reach of the Product Hunt audience.
The graph above represents the number of pageviews to our website, showing a significant spike on the day that we launched on Product Hunt.

Whilst the above stats can be directly attributed to our presence on Product Hunt, there is a little less certainty surrounding the link between some other stats and Product Hunt.

However, we still believe being featured was a significant factor in the results we saw in other areas in the days and weeks following our launch.

Downloads and performance in App Store rankings

  • Downloads were up 35% — although we cannot directly attribute this to being featured on Product Hunt, we believe it was a very important factor as we had links directly to the App Store and Play Store on our page on Product Hunt (as well as the website).
  • App Store rankings improved significantly following our launch on Product Hunt:
App Store rankings in the USA (red) and Brazil (blue)

Social Media

  • Approx. 120 shares and mentions on Twitter
  • 115 new Twitter followers
  • 114 new Facebook likes
  • 5% increase in number of followers on Instagram, and a 17% increase in number of Instagram likes in the past 2 weeks since the launch on Product Hunt.


Following being featured on Product Hunt, we were also mentioned by the international press in a wide range of countries, including:

  • The Netherlands — an article in the YellowTipi Festivalkrant, and articles to be published in and
  • Australia — in a post about the 6 Best Authentic Travel Apps
  • India — featured in InShorts
  • The Republic of Ireland — we were mention on the Sean Moncreiff radio show
  • Germany — in a post about the best apps for solo travelers
  • Other: features on Hacker News and Nodesk

From pageviews and downloads, awesome users to increased social media following and international press — our experience of being featured on Product Hunt was a very rewarding one!

That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Product Hunt results — please recommend this article if you did! Hit us up on Twitter, or check out the other Medium posts from Party with a Local if you want to know more. We’ll be in San Francisco next week to attend Launch Festival — we’re always up for meeting new people so get in touch if you’re down for a coffee… or something stronger — hit us up on the app!