Stories of Party with a Local #2: Partying with Cosmopolitan in São Paulo

This story won the competition for the best Party with a Local story, written by Fabiola of São Paulo, Brazil.

I work for Cosmopolitan Brazil, and one day we were hosting this big party for a champagne and gin brand. I really needed to invite some handsome guys to join the party to balance with hot Cosmo girls — the first idea that came to my mind? Look on Party with a Local.

There I saw Leandro, a very good looking guy. He seemed the right one to be invited. But unfortunately, when I sent him the message, he refused the offer as he had different plans that night. But I was so surprised when he actually suggested 5 friends of his to come along instead!

So that’s how I didn’t meet Leandro, but met his really cool friends. We were dancing all night and drinking champagne, vodka, gin, beer… it was an open bar luckily!! It was one of the craziest parties ever!

So, at the end of the day it’s a great thing to have the PwaL app as you never know when can you be invited to the coolest parties in town!

Check out Party with a Local app and start creating your own stories! (Though invitations to Cosmo parties are not guaranteed…)

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