Stories of Party with a Local #3: Backpacking in Peru

This story comes from our user Oana from Romania, who met and partied with locals in Peru, in Lima and Cuzco.

I decided to do a trip across South America with a friend — that was when my Party with a Local the adventure really started!

We were in Lima (Peru) and decided to use the app to check out some locals to go out with. That’s how we met these 2 really cool Peruvian guys! We all met in this awesome cocktail bar and had a great time. The guys were incredibly nice and thoughtful.

In 2 days time we were leaving for Cusco, so were super happy when we found out that one of the guys was going to Cusco too! We met again in a different bar and the guys introduced us to another friend of theirs. So in one click we have 3 different people from the other side of the world. And even now, after returning to Romania, I’m still in touch with all of them!

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