How to deal with hate speech on social media?

When we encounter abusive content we can report about them but what will you do when things doesn’t come under the definition of (strongly) abusive content. They often get unnoticed and leave with not many options. The only thing people do in such case is to block each other. But is this the solution of everything? How about bringing the communication to the end and both party apologize to each other and finish the matter. This seems like a civilized way to handle discussion even when people don’t agree with each other. It does happen in real life but how to do in social media? How to react in a civilized way when other party doesn’t want to behave well? For many people this will look like an unnecessary topic but if we encounter this in our daily life, then it is important despite of the degree of abusive content. People are miles away from each other with different ethnicity, religions and beliefs. Discussion topics can be endless and so does the disagreement. But is it ok to block people or getting blocked when u disagree or when conversation is not going in right direction. For example, personally I have encountered with this situation as shown in screenshots:

Like this:

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Originally published at on August 13, 2015.

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