Layers of traditional culture (They say same sh*t different era)

[I was going through my fb account and stumbled upon my 3 years old status. I am posting here it untouched, original]
Girls around me are getting married / engaged. People have started advising me that I should, too settle down as I will never be young again; my skin will never be same. And there should be age difference between girl and boy so that u will be always younger than him (I think it should be more of personal choice). I just don’t understand why educated people are talking like this or may be this doesn’t have to do anything with education.
Our society finally has started talking about education, moreover about ‘girl’s education’. What is the motive behind giving education to girls???……so that they can become independent. Our society has started giving basics but in a middle class family an educated girl’s situation is no better than a handicapped person. Our society shows her big dreams, innocent desires but unable to fulfill like a medicine which is promising a better life to handicapped person but only able to give them false hope.
This is worse than ever. If u haven’t tasted goodness, u can easily survive in dirt but after tasting/seeing goodness, surviving in dirt is just like killing your soul bit by bit every day. We give them education but don’t let them walk independently.
Today’s girl is tagged as ‘modern girl’ but I don’t see any sign of modernity. I see that she is stuffed with sick traditional values and trying to escape over the tag of ‘modern girl’.

This article is not trying to represent a girl’s situation in a melodramatic way. This article is showing the picture of society with the eyes of realism. We should consider all genders of society in order to grow, if we will be working only on one side, we are going nowhere. Our cultural values are empty, which is capable enough to draw attention of foreigners but unable to give a better life to its own people.
There is no exception that male’s has constant and dominating influence on society. Whose influence should be more on society is not a point of talk. Influence and dominance comes with greater responsibility. So, guys start making wise choices rather than blindly flowing with traditional terms and pressure. Remember, the kind of choices u will choose for u and the way u will implement them, u are contributing 1% in making today’s society. And yes, your acts are influencing society. So, is this kind of society u are going to give your daughter? And like your mother, wife she is also going to end up in the same cycle.
Today we say that girls are ‘MORE BAD’ than guys. Yes, they are but nobody has thought why they have evolved like this. I mean ‘MORE BAD’. Let me start from the beginning. She sees her typical father who doesn’t give respect to his mother. She will start losing faith in marriage system because she doesn’t want the same treatment from her husband. As she knows she has to get married at the cost of her parent’s happiness. So, she will decide to search peace and love outside of the house. And then her innocent heart, her big eyes full with big dreams will be butchered in order to search peace and love. She will be hurt, she will be confused, she will not know how to move further but she will move with courage and with less faith. In the journey of finding peace and love, she herself will not know that when she has become ‘MORE BAD’ than guys.

GUYS, for bringing change in society u don’t have to be a protester, just start from your own house. Give respect to your wife and mother and try to leave a healthy society for your daughter rather than just being protective for her. -PARUL SINGH (28 NOV. 2012)