It all started in the well where I was born. They were already waiting for me to mould me into one of them. I was surrounded by them all the time- People of my tribe, Like-minded people, people for whom the definitions of dos and don'ts were same. They taught me what is good and bad and I followed them without any doubts and questions. Slowly I started turning into one of them. Science argued and played with my head sometimes but it was countered with hypothetical theories and blind faith. I believed everything they said and stopped questioning. Years passed and I had to come out of the well. It was the time when I got a chance to explore the world, to have new experiences and to make new friends. They all belonged to different wells and tribes who had different beliefs, different theories for everything than mine. And I found out there were multiple dimensions of everything that I wasn't told about. I got confused. Then I met a few people who kept telling me that we are all same and though I figured many similarities among one another but similar couldn't be same. Science on the other hand had the same theories everywhere. It tried to rescue me but it was too late. I had already become one of them.

You come to me and ask for directions. But YOU tell me, how can I show you the path when I am myself dangling between logic and blind faith that was stuffed into my head ever since I came to my senses.

--PRJ Blogs

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