SHELF — App Screen 1(UI + Back-end integration)

We worked a lot on SHELF over weeks silently and a little behind schedule but here we are in a position to release front and back end integration of our very first app screen.

Here’s our login page:

login page
signup page

Wanna have a look at App Screen 1? Here you go!

App Screen 1

About the page:
It enables users to upload information about books that they want to sell.


We followed complete material design guidelines and integrated AngularJS in our app. We have followed the MVC standards.

Libraries used:

  1. Material Design Lite
  2. MaterializeCSS
  3. Material Icons
  4. Font Awesome Icons
  5. Complete AngularJS framework
  6. JQuery


The following request uploads files, appends their ids to the photos table and the rest of the data along with photo-id to the book table.

Note: Images are sent as base-64 strings which are stored on the server as text/plain files.

Link to my app: