Buy Pet Friendly Disinfectant To Keep Kennels Clean And Sterile

The cleanliness of a dog kennel is as important as keeping your own house clean. It keeps your dog healthy that has a direct effect on your lifestyle as well.

A parasite known as Giardia is commonly found in filthy and polluted kennels which strikes the intestines of a dog creating threat to their health. In addition, there are a numerous other parasites and viruses that are present in soiled dog kennels. Due to this, it is imperative to set up a cleansing regime for the kennels as far as the health of your dog is concerned. As a rule of thumb, kennels has to be cleaned thoroughly every week with the help of a pet friendly disinfectant. This is done to eliminate all kinds of bacteria from the kennel. Also, ensure cleaning your dog bowls and toys are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent cross contamination.

Hence, whether you own or run a kennel, veterinary facility, pet shop, animal shelter, or boarding kennels, maintaining a proper hygiene inside and around them is the best way to prevent pests, germs, and other infections from growing. Best disinfectant for dog kennels ensure all aspects — neutralize odors, kill germs and leave the area fresh, clean and sterilized!

When cleaning your dog kennel, be it an outdoor or an indoor one, fundamentals are same.

  • At first, empty the kennel and remove all kinds of stuff like dog bowls, dog toys, food etc. Make sure your dog has a secure area as long as the cleaning process is carried out.
  • Then, the vacant kennel has to be thoroughly cleaned. During the cleaning process, encrusted organic matters such as stains and odors caused by vomit,feces, urine, hair, etc. is removed followed by a complete sanitization of the area — A good disinfectant will just do fine.
  • Next, target germs, viruses, bacteria and other microscopic living organisms, by limiting their development and destroying their progress fully.

Though the process is in general simple, however it may differ in regards with what type of dog kennel you have. Plastic kennels are easier to clean as the bacteria or mites growing risk is minimum. Whereas, if you got a wooden kennel for your dog, cleaning and maintaining it requires precision.

In addition, when choosing disinfectants for your dog kennel, keep in mind the diseases you are targeting and what is the age of your pet.

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