Prompts = Comfortable, Breathe, Ending

Hi everyone,

It’s said that all things have their seasons — a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to brew coffee and a time to drink it, and all that.

It turns out there’s a season for writing stories daily. I…

Prompts = Computer, Repair, Hell

Dante, in his book Paradise Lost, describes nine levels of Hell, each with its own unique set of torments.

But he missed one.

It’s the level of despair one spouse experiences when the other insists they can fix the most vexing household problems and then…

Prompts = Rug, Pug, Hug

Story New = Matt Varley Presents Rabid Pug

‘Welcome back to Matt Varley’s Hit Parade. I’m Matt Varley and I’m so excited to present a new punk band, Rabid Pug, to the world. …

Prompts = Napkin, Capture, Master

Story 1 — Pep Talk

“I am the master of my life. I’m successful. I’m smart. People like me. And no matter what happens, nothing will have changed about who I am.”

Jerry’s face in the bathroom mirror looked unconvinced.

The problem was that this…

Parzival Sattva

Writer of 100-word stories (over 1,000 and counting) featuring the likes of Household Item Wrangler, Psychic Goddess Cassidy, and Clyde the Forgotten Reindeer.

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