The Muslim Ban is a Smokescreen

Too Long, Won’t Read: As much as it sickens me to say this, I believe Donald Trump is using his recent Muslim Ban as a distraction to allow Republicans the political cover they need to push forward with their repeal of the ACA, and Trump’s own appointments of Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions. The suffering of the affected people is all-too real, but Trump’s timing of the crisis was not random. It was deliberate.

Denounce this abomination to your Senators and Representatives and donate to orgs working to help the affected refugees/legal US citizens, but do not lose focus on the ACA and Trump’s appointments. Keep melting your politicians’ phones down with calls on BOTH sets of issues.

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Donald J. Trump- Millionaire, President of the United States, and God-tier Distraction Artist.

Time and time again when Trump is backed into a corner, he throws some crazy statements out into the media and everyone eats it up. He knows that the people who are against him are eternally primed to tear into that red meat and scream “See? SEE? The man is a monster!” And every time, he gets away with something else while we’re all distracted.

Recently, though, Trump and the Republicans have been coming under intense fire about their cabinet picks and their full-speed-ahead repeal of the Affordable Care Act. This is troublesome for them because if public sentiment turns against them on these issues, they and the billionaires they represent stand to make less profit than they would have. That is unacceptable to them.

Normally, Trump could toss out some despicable tweet and be done with it. But that’s been working less and less recently; the media and the American people have been looking past the meaningless bullshit he tweets and have been staying on target, hammering Trump and the Republicans on the issues (imagine that!). So what kind of distraction would cost the Trump Cabal zero dollars to implement and give them the cover to again move forward with their plan to sell the country to the highest bidder?

A full-blown humanitarian crisis.

Therefore I propose the following: I believe that, as monstrous as it may be, Trump’s Muslim Ban is just a smoke screen; a distraction to take the heat off of Republican Senators whose phones have been ringing off the hook for days about Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, and the Affordable Care Act. I do not believe that Trump cares about the 500,000 legal US residents that will also be blocked from his ban; in fact, I think he is so abominable that this wholesale abandonment of his own people plays to his endgame. When Americans who possess any shred of morality or empathy rightfully lose their shit over this repugnant action, their focus will shift off of the ACA and his Appointments to an even greater degree because he has barred legal residents from returning.

Watch now as the MSM completely forget about the one thing Trump and his hangers-on care about: money. The ACA repeal will not make the news all weekend. Nobody will mention that the Special Enrollment period lasts until January 31st. Nobody will be talking about how Betsy DeVos wants to gut the public school system or how Jeff Sessions will obliterate voting rights across the country.

This is who was elected: A man who cares so little for others that he will artificially engineer a humanitarian crisis in order to provide political cover to the cowards seeking to rob us of health care. The suffering of the Syrian people- of the legal American residents he’s abandoned!- mean nothing to him. They’re just a prop, just pawns.

As are we, if we allow him to get away with it.

There are organizations already mobilizing to try and provide legal assistance to the legal US residents, as well as to challenge the legality of the ban as a whole. These organizations need your help- please consider donating to them. And we should call our Senators and Representatives and condemn this inhumane action in no uncertain terms.

But we must also continue attacking the Republicans’ plan for our own homeland. If they are allowed to get away with a distraction of this magnitude, they will do it again. And they have already shown they care nothing for legal US residents- how long before they take action against certain groups of US citizens?