Career Bees

Making career advice tailor made, flexible and even free.

After two years of draining job applications, puzzling psychometric tests, drilling interview questions and disappointing telephone conversations with recruiters who once said what they were looking for was exactly my profile; I started my dream job!

So was it just luck? What was I doing wrong? What should I have said when the interviewer asked me that trick question? Looking back I know what I should have said and what I should have done. But there should be an easier way right? A small group who had the same questions, same thoughts who experienced the same at some point in their careers came up with the ultimate solution. A 1:1 session just to help one candidate wasn’t enough for us.

Career Bees was born. We built an on-demand career advice marketplace allowing mentors, experts and career coaches to provide career advice or mentoring to those seeking a boost to their career.

You can be a university student looking for an internship; they say it helps when it comes to a graduate job; don’t they? You can be anyone! Our genius solution will provide you the best platform to connect to an expert in your dream job. We can narrow down your search for advice to an industry, a specialism or even a specific company.

Same goes to our handpicked Providers who are willing to provide all these services. They will have the capability to connect with a Seeker who is looking for insight to an industry, insight to a company, interview advice or even a simple CV check. For the Provider this isn’t anything special. This may be a part of their job or just talking about something they do day in and out. Our market research shows 95% of the people who are currently in skilled jobs are willing to give back. Most of them, for free!

Its flexible and instant, you can access from anywhere. We will be releasing a beta version of our service on the 6th of November. If you are interested, please subscribe, promise we won’t disappoint you.

To make sure the services we provide gives you the best experience, the payment module will be integrated in the next round after closely monitoring the Seeker-Provider interactions. Once we are ready, Providers will not only feel good about what they do, this can also be a second income. Providers at this point will be handpicked and will only be recruited by referrals - This means a lot to us and we want the best for you.