Dig into API calls on AWS with cloudtrail and jq

Aug 30 · 3 min read

While trying to deploy a dashboard for our kafka cluster, I ran into an issue where the dashboard won’t show data as expected. All the dashboard data seems OK but I keep getting a There was an error while trying to get graph data. The dashboard is made up of widgets looking as such:

"type": "metric",
"x": 0,
"y": 18,
"width": 6,
"height": 6,
"properties": {
"metrics": [
[ "AWS/Kafka", "MessagesInPerSec", "Cluster Name", "abc-kafka-dev", "Broker ID", "3", "Topic", "flights-v0", { "period": 60 } ],
[ "...", "1", ".", ".", { "period": 60 } ]
"view": "timeSeries",
"stacked": true,
"region": "eu-central-1",
"title": "flights"

To debug this, I decided to make use of our cloudtrail logs.

  1. Download the logs:
 aws s3 sync "s3://abc-dev-account-qiovox/cloudtrail/AWSLogs/123222934032/CloudTrail/eu-central-1/2019/08/30" ./08-30 --profile abc-dev

2. Interpret the logs

Some examples to check what’s happening

  1. Show all the event sources
zcat ./*.json.gz | jq '.Records[] | .eventSource' | sort -u                            

OK. Our Dashboard accesses the monitoring.amazonaws.com resources so let’s check with

2. show errors on monitoring

zcat ./413522934032_CloudTrail_eu-central-1_* | jq '.Records[] | select(.eventSource == "monitoring.amazonaws.com") | select(.errorCode != null)' -C | less -r...
"eventVersion": "1.05",
"userIdentity": {
"eventTime": "2019-08-30T10:10:07Z",
"eventSource": "monitoring.amazonaws.com",
"eventName": "DescribeAlarms",
"awsRegion": "eu-central-1",
"sourceIPAddress": "...",
"userAgent": "AWS CloudWatch Console",
"errorCode": "ValidationException",
"errorMessage": "1 validation error detected: Value 'INVALID_FOR_SUMMARY' at 'stateValue' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must satisfy enum value set: [INSUFFICIENT_DATA, ALARM, OK]",
"requestParameters": {
"responseElements": null,
"requestID": "97d63d57-e819-4010-a7a1-5fede146d102",
"eventID": "549091b7-45cf-4209-b593-790b97197b22",
"eventType": "AwsApiCall",
"recipientAccountId": "..."

Alright. Looks like that isn’t an issue with the dashboard definition. What types of errors are we getting anyways?

zcat ./413522934032_CloudTrail_eu-central-1_* | jq '.Records[] | select(.eventSource == "monitoring.amazonaws.com") | select(.errorCode != null) | .eventName' | sort -u                                                                      

Ah, maybe it’s the GetDashboard that I need to look at ?

 zcat ./413522934032_CloudTrail_eu-central-1_* | jq '.Records[] | select(.eventSource == "monitoring.amazonaws.com") | select(.errorCode != null) | select(.eventName == "GetDashboard")'                                                    
"eventVersion": "1.05",
"userIdentity": {...},
"eventTime": "2019-08-30T10:09:07Z",
"eventSource": "monitoring.amazonaws.com",
"eventName": "GetDashboard",
"awsRegion": "eu-central-1",
"sourceIPAddress": "",
"userAgent": "AWS CloudWatch Console",
"errorCode": "DashboardNotFoundError",
"errorMessage": "Dashboard CloudWatch-Default does not exist",
"requestParameters": null,
"responseElements": null,
"requestID": "859babd9-89ae-4a95-b874-cecb13f0faa9",
"eventID": "20992809-da32-422f-8870-8ff2162d436a",
"eventType": "AwsApiCall",
"recipientAccountId": "..."

Nope. OK that’s odd. No error on the cloudtrail logs warrants anything wrong with the permissions.

Not very rewarding, but ultimately, I couldn’t open the dashboard with firefox. For some reason, it was a CORS error which I found only when opening the dashboard in Chrome. Still, I learned how to quickly scan CloudTrail for errors from a variety of services. Surely helpful!

Some last TL;DR (generated with tldr.sh)


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