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Improve your personal homepage SEO — and let time (bots) do the rest

Nov 3, 2017 · 2 min read

So you got yourself a personal homepage my friend? Great, me too. But it’s number 24 in the Google search results, even if you look for the exact name. let’s improve on that

1. Add a JSON structured data about the page

Use the tool above to add some structured data to your page. Why? Because .

2. Add a sitemap. Yes, even if you never used it

If you use jekyll, perfect. If you use something else, look up how to add it. Sure you can do it manually but that would be tedious wouldn’t it? If you use Github Pages, try . Why? Well because .

3. Use all the Google tools

It doesn’t matter if you like the company or you don’t. Your visitors will surely use it. So tell them where to find you and how to understand your page. They have obviously great tools for this as it is their main source of income and they want people to feed them data freely.

Ok I admit this one takes a bit longer. But scan through the info and note the things you want to do. Do one a day for a few days and your already a few steps up.

4. Share your page on social media and in blog comments

You played around with a certain tool? Share your finished work in the comments of the page where you got it from.

You used some OpenSource stuff from Github? See if they have a “show off your work” area to add yours.

Oh and spam all your friends with it. They’ll (not) love you for it.

And of course all the usuals: linkedin, pinterest, twitter, facebook, Google+, …

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