4 actionable ways to manage the corona-crisis

Some economists have forecasted that the current outbreak might lead to a greater recession than the financial crisis of 2008. Every brand and marketer will face nerve-racking times. We’re actually facing them already today.

We can’t tell you what the best way to act is right now. Probably, there is…

How to grow your profile with tips and tricks from some of the smartest Instagram marketers on earth.

There is one single question that our clients ask us most: How to get more followers on Instagram?

The answer seems to be the holy grail of the 21st century. …

Lessons about targeting, brand belief and storydoing.

The ad got 11M views on Youtube in 72 hours. It also provoked men to throw their Gillette blades into the toilet. Twitter comments exploded. And literally every media outlet has discussed the new enfant terrible…

Gillette’s brand new commercial “We Believe” attacks bullying and sexism in times of the…

This brand was sold out in New York. Now, it is coming to Berlin.

In 2016, Oatly arrived in Williamsburg, the place to be for the hipsters of the hipsters. It didn’t took long until it went out of stock. The cool kids were devastated and even willing to pay twenty dollars for a quart.

Exactly the same happened in the U.K. and Sweden.

We see legs. And hair. Lots of hair.

Armpits, bellies and feet. All close-ups. All full of hair.

That’s the way it is. That’s the way bodies look like. That’s how female bodies look like.

Yet, not in ads.

Ads used to show women’s…

Don’t miss the shift from material to ideological values.

“A man’s Self is the sum total of all that he CAN call his, not only his body and his psychic powers, but his clothes and his house, his wife and children, his ancestors and friends, his reputation and works, his…

5 marketing strategies to succeed in today’s aggressive platform economy.

We use them on a daily basis. Even several times per day. They are worth more than twice as much as the entire German stock market. They’ve invented a new type of business model and founded a new economy era. They are digital platforms treasuring up access to billions of…

Turn your strategic message into a Trojan horse that changes lives for the better

One day, a guest staying at Ritz-Carlton decided to do some standup paddling. While paddling he lost control, plunged into the water, and his sunglasses sank to the ocean’s floor. In the afternoon, an employee of the hotel handed him his recently lost sunglasses. The guest was flabbergasted and speechless…

Don’t buy your next car!

That’s the key message in Volvo’s brand new commercial. Pretty unconventional, unorthodox and at most — genius!

Delivery trucks are speeding through metropolitan streets. Unwrapped boxes of unused sneakers chase across the screen. People are hypnotically staring at a flood of commercials. The sound of…

How Pseudo-Products systematically make your brand go viral.

It’s small, kind of rectangular and this year’s first marketing gag — shoes.

But not just any shoes. Shoes designed by Berlin’s public transport provider ‘BVG’. In cooperation with Adidas, the German transportation company has produced 500 limited sneakers. They all come in BVG’s ugly yet culty cover seat design…

pascal fiedler

Brand Strategist | Creator of the Pseudo-Product Concept | Co-founder of www.charlesandcharlotte.com

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