4 actionable ways to manage the corona-crisis

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Brands need to embrace the current crisis and consumers.

Some economists have forecasted that the current outbreak might lead to a greater recession than the financial crisis of 2008. Every brand and marketer will face nerve-racking times. We’re actually facing them already today.

We can’t tell you what the best way to act is right now. Probably, there is not a real one. But we can share our thoughts and experiences we’ve gained over the last couple of days. Oh, darling, it has been a wild ride.

As a social media agency, we believe in the power of content marketing. Social isn’t a sales pitch, it’s about providing real value. It’s about sharing your ideas, passions, and advice with your community. …


pascal fiedler

Brand Strategist | Creator of the Pseudo-Product Concept | Co-founder of www.charlesandcharlotte.com

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