Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t live in a monatary system?

Instead of competiting we work together to build a better society, i feel that this will eliminate poverty for people will live comfortable lives..

If only a society that runs on classes rather amount of wealth would be so much more efficient..


A class — doctors, Sciences, pilot ect..

B class — engineering, mechanics welding ect

C class — teachers, carpenters, truckers ect

D class — fast food, quilter’s, traffic controller ect..

E class — unable to work/unemployment

Depending on the level of difficulty and/or education required to achieve the job will place to the class accordingly. .

Every class will have their needs met no one will starve, thirst, be homeless for everyone will have this and more..

Since society is so heavily into comparing to others and greed is hard to shake.. the classes will indicate on how much one can receive such as a bigger house, better car, tastier foods or whatever .

A system that has no leader but you! EVERYTHING is voted upon, majority rules, discuss ideas and debate on what ever issues that needs attention to, there is always a solution to every problem and if every citizens can be informed someone will find that solution.