My reading habits

I have been a keen reader for as long as I remember, I loved reading and my parents often catches me reading at 2 in the morning instead of sleeping. I would carry at least one book with be wherever I go. With the advancement of technology books are even more accessible than before, instead of having to buy them in a store or borrowing them from the library we can just download a pdf or Eplub version of it and start reading straight away. Translations for light novel like SAO comes literally years before the actual arrival of the book. And instead of bringing the whole bookshelf we can just bring our iPad, which can store hundreds of books inside of it. My reading habit doesn’t change no matter how busy I am, I can always find time to slip in a quick reading session, like when I am on the train. One side effects is that it often causes me to miss my station and I have to get another train to go back.
Does anyone realise that in the front cover of every single book it always says that it won some sort of award, are there really 20 winners for the best children’s book in New York? Also, if any book publisher is reading this I would like you to change the back cover. No one gives a damn what New York times think about the book, we want to know what the book is about.

If I have to bring 10 books with me I would bring
Lord of the rings 1–3, Hobbit- I don’t think I need to explain why these books are simply the best
The book thief- a story about a little girl who lives in Germany at the time when Hitler was still in power, Beautiful descriptions and messages that leaves you thinking about it for hours after you finished.
Harry Potter 5–7 — another well-known book that basically everyone who doesn’t live under a rock have read. These 3 books are when the light atmosphere of the franchise starts to darken and get more serious
Hunger Games- Even though there are plot holes in basically every single page, I still loved this book because of the unique setting and how it gets me thinking about it for weeks.
Fifty shades of grey- to use as fuel for my fire

Thanks for reading this and have a safe and nice day.