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Romm, You no longer sound like a scientist or someone truly interested in climate, you come across like a big, close-minded kid having tantrum, out on a personal crusade and looking for blood in any juvenile way, no matter what. Your last entries are pathetic, biased, and manipulative pieces (I checked your links; nothing to be proud of based on the dishonest games you’re playing to vilify Stephens (whom I don’t like, BTW, but fairness has nothing to do with that). Sad. 
 All your frothing-at-the-mouth focus on NYT hiring Stephens makes you come across as petty and pathetic. He’s hired as an op-ed writer, not a climate expert, and I’ve no doubt that NYT will curb his views on at least the subject of climate change seeing their own position. Also, framed and edited in something like the NYT, a writer like Stephens can bring a fairer balance and some good — whether or not one agrees with him — compared to the harm he can potentially do writing for something like the WSJ. I’m not a climate denier, I’m not a Republican, but your campaign attacks freedom of speech in a vile, childish and unjustified way. Get over yourself, stop acting like such a child! 
I lost all respect for you, Romm. Honest.

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