Life: the most disruptive Business Model

Expect, reflect and then forget – how plans kill your vibe

When I was 18, girls used to hate me, my soccer skills were lost and my mum always tried to give me a push to learn harder.

All in all it was spontaneous and just great!

Ten years later my girlfriend is trying to settle me somewhere, my mum asks for kids and nobody talks about my soccer skills anymore. What happened on the way?

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Disruptive Life!

The world is talking about disruptive business models like Uber, AirBnB or the next big thing in Real Estate. It’s all about an All or Nothing mentality and new businesses fight hard the old role models of economy. Like David vs. Goliath. Some ideas can change the world and some will never succeed. Change the world with huge ideas is a tough appeal and will change the lives of the people, trying it.

That’s the big game, but what about your personal disruptions? What about the things you went through and will go through? What about your decisions, your expectations, your victories and your defeats? Yeah right that’s the most disruptive game for your life and will impact everything and everyone around you. So think about the disruptive potential you’re facing everyday. Who will disrupt your life and whoms life are you disrupting?

Plans kill vibes

And now think about the way your life gets disrupted and how you disrupt it. Are you really planning on it or is it just happen by chance?

Come on go for it and talk to people to get influenced. Ask your parents to compare. Go out and dance with strangers to get to know you better.

This short text is just a quick kick ass for your expectations in life. Go, disrupt it and get disrupted by it!

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