Launch: The Objectives Course

Next group starting on April 3

I’ve launched a course called The Objectives Course. Heads up: registrations open until March 26 for the group starting on April 3.

The Objectives Course aims to help you get ahead with your big vision, especially if it competes with a mountain of other things you care about. Over 10 weeks, you will be shown how to write everything as an objective, to have a picture of the vision of the future, and to advance on that vision through your objectives.

Have-done lists

There is a specific format of objectives that the course teaches, and I call that format have-done lists.

Here’s what a have-done list looks like:

I have been using have-done lists for many years to replace all of the following: to-do lists, because not everything that matters is a to do; guilt, because there is a way to do it all if you do one thing at a time; cynicism, because there is a way to get out of any situation if you find the right course of action; and impatience, because by imagining a better future and creating objectives to get there, you turn your impatience into victories.

Structure of the course

Over 10 weeks, you will receive weekly emails showing example situations that are made better with a have-done list. Week after week, through repetition, you’ll learn the subtleties of writing objectives in ways that trick your brain into prioritizing and into a change of mindset. It’ll be like learning a new language. Although the concepts are simple, it’s through practice that they’ll stick, and they’re the kind of concepts that will stick with you for a long time. It’ll be worth the investment of your attention (attention, because the weekly emails aren’t long and they’re quick to read). Here’s an article showing an example similar to what you will find in one of the emails.

Every week, I’ll also encourage you to send me your own lists, so that I can give you quick feedback, and to be a sound-board for your progression. You will coached individually, over email.

Interested? Learn more about the course by going to the intro site, where you can also sign up. Places are limited, and March 26 is the deadline for application for the group starting on April 3.

Keep going on your vision!

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