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Keep going. Don’t give up!

Pascha Scott
Mar 23 · 3 min read

As we watch the world turn upside down with fear and uncertainty, our natural response is to freeze and put everything on hold. How can we possibly move forward with our passions, our art and our nonessential work when life and death decisions are being made every hour in the world around us?

What’s essential? What matters? Who cares? Who decides?

Human creativity and productivity of all kinds are essential to a thriving society.

Passionate, committed, quality work matters.

We all care, and we decide.

Many creative folks I talk to and follow are feeling lost. Are their creative efforts suddenly frivolous? Should they share their work or is that a tone-deaf response to the day’s events?

If they’re not making toilet paper, will anyone pay attention?

The answer is yes.

Before the era of the Coronavirus, painters painted, scientists experimented, astronomers searched for stars. Computer engineers designed systems, inventors made up stuff. Fisherman fished and the clothing designers made us look fabulous. Musicians performed and the theater lights went down to a hushed crowd. Teachers sparked the love of learning for their students.

Chefs combined flavors, textures and colors to wow our senses. Nonprofits delivered services to the world. All of this matters. A lot!!

Today, we may be scared, distracted and overburdened with responsibility for our health and safety. Should we reprioritize and refocus on managing this crisis?

We may have to pivot to deal with short-term realities, but the world needs our creativity and invention. We have big problems to solve (climate change we haven’t forgotten about you) and have so much to learn, like how to suppress the spread of the next pandemic.

People need entertainment and humor. They need connection. They need inspiration.

One creative I follow posted a note writing that they weren’t sure where their work fit into this new world. They weren’t sure if they should keep following their passion for fun, color, and style. Their fans responded with encouragement. Poignantly, first responders and medical professionals wrote to this creator with their appreciation for a quick change of pace, and a moment of beauty, through their work. If the creative stopped posting, they would miss the work terribly, especially now.

That’s the point. We are in shock over the sudden change in our daily routines. We miss our free-roaming lifestyles. We long for our friends, extended families, and wider communities. Now’s the time to maintain those connections any way we can, still from a safe distance, of course.

Keep going, thinkers and dreamers. Don’t stop, big-hearted doers. In this required and important period of sequestration, imagine the work you’ll produce, the ideas you’ll generate and the solutions you’ll discover! The world needs you and your creativity.

We will get through this health crisis together, and we can change the world for the better.

Pascha Scott

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