#StreamTeam for APEX (If Rumor Has It)

If rumor has it, then Rogue and NRG Esports have been invited to compete in OGN APEX Season 3. Only two Western teams have been included in the tournament this time around.

Rogue’s invitation is unquestionable. Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to Overwatch in recent months will know that the all-French North American roster appears unbeatable. The well-established, well-oiled machine will no doubt perform well in South Korea.

Similarly, it is pretty clear why NRG would be chosen to compete alongside Rogue in Overwatch’s most prestigious tournament to date — the other competition just doesn’t stack up!

Consider the possibilities.

Reinforce of Misfits

Selfless Gaming, for example, has yet to drop a match in the Overwatch PIT Championship. The team came all the way from the qualifiers, where they placed first, and is currently waiting in the NA winners’ bracket finals to take on Rogue.

Of course, Selfless has already played Rogue in a winner’s bracket final and almost won — the Alienware Monthly Melee: March was some of the most hype NA Overwatch spectators have been treated to in a while. They embody the hustle of mid-tier teams, competing in every weekly and relatively insignificant tournament to earn the opportunity to compete with the best of the best.

But they are not worthy of representing Western Overwatch in APEX.

Nor is Immortals, apparently, who won the OW Winter Premiere and the OW Carbon Series back-to-back. Immortals sat out of PIT so that their players could recover from all that winning — maybe OGN thought they wouldn’t be up to the challenge?

Fnatic, Misfits, Team EnVyUs, and Cloud9 competed in APEX Season 2, and none placed particularly well (EnVyUs, the then-reigning champions, took seventh), so OGN’s reluctance to invite them back for Season 3 is somewhat understandable.


But that doesn’t explain why Ninjas in Pyjamas or eUnited have been snubbed. NiP has been in the conversation of best EU Overwatch teams since their introduction, and is currently proving their competency in PIT. eUnited, even more so, has recently advanced to the European winners’ bracket finals in the same tournament. Formed of the old Reunited roster, the European mainstay has as long of a competitive Overwatch history as you can find.

Recently established Laser Kittenz will be in South Korea alongside eUnited during APEX — but only for bootcamping purposes, as neither teams’ record shines next to NRG.

But maybe we are thinking of this all wrong; perhaps OGN is just giving the remnants of NA beta hero teams a chance. If so, then compLexity Gaming should not have been overlooked — at least they have played a competitive match in 2017.

It is April 2017.

Even the “consistently inconsistent” enigma that is FaZe Clan managed to pull out a second place finish at MLG Vegas (where NRG ended fifth of eight teams).

Alas, the skill-sets of Selfless, Immortals, NiP, eUnited, and so on do not hold a candle to NRG’s greatest accomplishment: Seagull’s streaming career.

As we have concluded, there is not a single team more deserving of the opportunity to compete in Overwatch’s most prestigious tournament than NA’s very own NRG Esports.


But do not rejoice yet, NRG fans. There is still time for the organization to turn down the offer. After all, as NRG philosophy dictates — you can’t lose if you don’t compete.

Best of luck to NRG this season.