Season of change

(May 2017)


Change is constant. Change is evitable. Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. It reminds us nothing is permanent. Nothing is constant except change itself. Nature flows, times flows, life flows. And we endeavor to move forward, physically, emotionally or intellectually. If things never changed, nothing or nobody would grow or learn. The peaks and troughs give us fresh perspective to see things. Change brings the new, challenging and pleasurable; unique experiences to learn from.

So what is the pattern of change. Where is it moving to? What trajectory does human life hold? I see only one clear path. To better love. Sounds cheesy, hippie shit right? I agree. But if you look past that, and see the nitty gritty details of what that truly means… it’s growing from World Wars to global internet unity. From discrimination and disrespect, to peaceful & prideful trends. It’s moving from slavery and primitive separation, to global direct trade and dignity. It’s a movement from deforesting carnivores, to tree planting vegans. Mental asylums, to mental health specialists. We have come a long way, and for that I am grateful. A unfolding evolution of care.

And so it continues to flow. And like a stream to rapids it accelerates. From carrot led democracy to a cooperatively grown eco-system, we will evolve. Ownership in the hands of all, sharing being made easy through trust; a harmony to a common purpose. This is the real change, happening, inevitable unity. We need only look past the magnified glass of the media, to see we are all but the same. Each of the same earth, each with the same heart, the same love. An illusion of fear is tossed among people, but we forget that we are only ever in battle with ourselves.

Do you share this dream with me? Or is it too idealistic? What then is your dream? Something that works? Functions? Does the job but doesn’t surpass it? Perhaps an average, semi-fulfilled World will do? Where did you lose your ambitions? Are they left in school, when you were told you were wrong? At home, when dreams were extinguished by someone older? Or at work, where it was said to be impossible, or that “it’s just how it is”.

We forget that to jump out of the box we find ourselves in, we have to use our childlike imagination to take flight.

Remember; people forget. We forget creativity is our biggest strength and freedom. We forget we create our own reality, along with everyone else. We forget we really are at the center of our own universe. We forget we are the creators.

So what seeds will you plant, in this infinite season of change?