Leveraging Hybrid Tech with the mobydick VoIP phone system

How admin friendly is a beroNet mobydick UC system?

When choosing a new Unified Communications system, there are often plenty of factors that come into consideration. To name just a few, considerations such as hassle free set up, ease of management, compatibility with existing infrastructure and user friendliness all come into play when selecting every single aspect of new solutions and Unified Communications phone system solutions are no different.

But just how simple is configuring beroNet GmbH Gateways when using the mobydick phone system admin interface (web UI)? Why not watch the video below and find out?

How does a combined beroNet / mobydick UC solution benefit business?

By deploying a combined beroNet mobydick solution, business will be in the position to start leveraging the benefits that unified communications can deliver without having to switch out all their existing hardware and migrating away completely from ISDN / Analog technologies. Instead, by investing in a mobydick system, businesses will have access to all the UC tools they require whilst simultaneously providing a platform from which existing telephones, fax devices and ISDN connections can be quickly and effortlessly integrated.

In affect, configuring beroNet Gateways into the mobydick UC phone system solution will enable businesses to perform a “soft migration” when transitioning to the new IP telephony world. This has the benefit of spreading costs in terms of replacing hardware components as well as allowing businesses to gain more return on investment on the hardware that will eventually need replacing. What’s more is that organisations will receive additional benefits in terms of ease of installation, configuration and management, saving their IT admin time and freeing them up to get on with their daily workload.

Find out how your business can benefit from this ease of use plus all the benefits of Unified Communications thanks to a combined mobydick VoIP phone system and beroNet gateways solution in our free UC white paper (http://bit.ly/mobydickUC). Moreover, For more on how investing in a mobydick IP phone system can help your business benefit from UC, take a look at our website or get in touch.