Technology applied to education

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In an exciting learning venture organised by BranchCreation, Fun Academy and EdVisto, two Finnish firms focussed on improving the learning experience by providing technology tools to teachers and students, recently visited two schools in Alicante province to find out how the educational system works in this area.

First visit: LAUDE Newton College

From left to right, José León — CEO BranchCreation, Joni AlWindi — CEO EdVisto, Pascual Sánchez — VP Administration BranchCreation, Sanna Lukander — CEO Fun Academy, Alberto Cervantes — Curriculum Coordinator Newton College, Marta Fernández — Managing Partner Made in Möbile, Rosa María Tortosa — Head Teacher Newton College, Bruna Silva — Game Designer Fun Academy and Saara Viteli — VP Education Fun Academy

Founded in 1991, LAUDE Newton College is a reputed private school. They already apply technology in many ways, being included as part of their strategy to improve their own education plan for many years.

Fun Academy and EdVisto shared their pedagogical approach with the school in an exciting informal discussion. All agreed that new technologies, properly applied, will become an essential tool to reach the actual goal of an educational system, that is, learning and personal growth of children.

Second visit: C.E.I.P. San Gabriel

With more than 50 years history, C.E.I.P. San Gabriel is one of the schools of reference on the public educational system in Alicante, often awarded for its initiatives that aim to involve, not only families, but the full neighbourhood.

From left to right, Cristina García — Head Teacher CEIP San Gabriel, Esteban Santana — Head of Studies CEIP San Gabriel, Sanna Lukander — CEO Fun Academy, Joni AlWindi — CEO EdVisto, Fábio Florencio — Game Design Director Fun Academy, Cibeles Romero — Educational Guidance CEIP San Gabriel and Mª Carmen Sánchez — Preschool Coordinator CEIP San Gabriel

In a delightfully open environment, Fun Academy and EdVisto explained how their methodologies are applied in schools all around the world. San Gabriel’s teachers were enthused with these technology new possibilities, that perfectly match their own methods and philosophy.

Other visits and events

The representatives of Fun Academy and EdVisto also visited the University of Alicante and the University Miguel Hernández of Elche and had the opportunity to explain their work and ideas in an event organized in the auditorium of ULab, one of the business centres of Alicante.

These companies are being called upon to play a key role in the implementation of new educational methodologies, finding the best way to use technology to benefit both teachers and children alike.