Bhakts and Students

The teachings of Pashupatinath, the lineage authority of Trilok Akhada, a 17000 year old yoga school that recently came online

Written by Om Karanjkar

Pashupatinath : “A bhakt (faithful disciple) seeds their intent into the Akhada, and the Akhada manifests the intent. They depend on it for support. A student, however, learns to become the Akhada.
It’s like the difference between happiness and bliss. When you’re happy, you have ‘arrived’ at your destination. Your senses are shut off, delirious.
In bliss, however, you are continuously travelling. There is no full stop. It doesn’t run out.
Learn to differentiate between bhakts and students and become students.”

Bhakts need help. They ask for help. Students need knowledge, and they learn how to use it to help others. There will always be people who come to you for help, with problems that you can solve. But they don’t make good students unless they are willing to break the cycle and learn how to avoid suffering.

Happiness is not the same as bliss, because bliss is a constant state. Happiness is temporary, it doesn’t last long.

Pashupatinath: “The word Vidyarthi, meaning ‘student’, has two parts – Vidya, meaning ‘to receive’; and Artha, meaning wealth. A student continuously receives wealth. If you don’t feel abundant, you’re not a student.
The word ‘Guru’ comes from ‘guha’, a Shabra word which means ‘cave’. There are 9 ‘caves’ in the body, which are the various openings like the mouth or the ears. The 10th ‘cave’ is called ‘Talu’. This is the place where the spine enters the skull. This cave only opens to you when you become completely patternless.”

The wealth that a student receives is not just knowledge, it is physical wealth and better relationships too. And this wealth comes from all around. A student should feel abundant. You can’t be a student if you’re not abundant, because then you’re not receiving.
The Talu is very important when it comes to learning many elements of yoga, including yoganidra and the martial art of Kalim.
Being patternless is a state in which nothing is familiar to you. You don’t have any pre-defined thoughts and judgements about anything, and whatever you do in that state is done being completely in the present. Being patternless gives you a lot of power.

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