Humans as Creators

The teachings of Pashupatinath

Lineage authority of Trilok Akhada a 17000 year old school of Nath Yoga

Written by Om Karanjkar

Pashupatinath : “People get confused about being creators. They ask, “But what about other humans? Do they also create me?”
Yes, they do. But their creation of you is not necessarily the same as your own creation of you.
False understanding creates ‘vakra’, an unaesthetic form. It doesn’t have ‘vayu’, the logic of the universe. Prana is one of these vayus.”

This is a very valid doubt for someone who has read books about ‘the law of attraction’ and other similar ideas that have only half the story right. Or even lesser than half the story right.

Yes, humans are the creators of their universe and you have the potential to make changes to it that you might not have thought of. This applies to other humans too. And this works because the universe is different for everybody. Two different people won’t necessarily experience the same feeling while doing the same thing. Just because someone creates you, it doesn’t mean your own creation of you changes, what changes is their experience of you.

False understanding, especially when you intend to create, results in outcomes that serve no purpose, have no aesthetic. Which is why you need to gather the right knowledge before executing any intentions.

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