Impatience is your only Obstacle

By Pashupatinath

Lineage Authority of Trilok Akhada a 17000 year old school of Nath Yoga

There comes a time in your life

When you doubt if you can get what you want

This is the sucky end of life

The gooey marsh of human existence

This needs to be dealt with immediately

Without ceremony and without mercy

Don’t doubt and don’t have faith

Gather information

End doubt

End faith

Being unsure should not be tolerated by the yogi

It should be treated as most vile

To not know your mind

Do not be impatient

Do not give up nor begin before you have your answers

What do I want?

When can I expect it?

What can go wrong?

How can I prevent it?

How can I recover if I can’t prevent it?

You jump into action without answering these questions

Is it any wonder that you see obstacles

Give up the impatience

And take interest in your life

~ Pashupatinath

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