The teachings of Yogi Pashupatinath

Lineage authority Trilok Akhada a 17000 year old school of Nath Yoga

By Om Karanjkar

Pashupatinath : “‘Adarsha’ refers to ideals. All your ideals are a collection of patterns. It is not easy to become ‘niradarsha’ (without ideals), because patterns give you a sense of security. Every pattern is self-seeking. And these patterns prevent your entry to the 10th cave. Avoid all these bhramastras of patterns.”

Ideals are not always useful. Having ideals is like having limits. They not only limit what you do, they also limit your thinking process. Ideals are great if you want to keep people enslaved. Tell people that doing something is wrong, enforce it as an ideal, and people won’t even question whether it is sensible.

This concept was completely new to me. Ideals are something society expects you to have and yet seems right to have. But I realised that ideals don’t decide what you can do, they decide what you CAN’T do.

My sense of insecurity was, of not fitting in with people. As I meditated on it, I realised that was because I was not cooperating properly with others, and this created hostility. You need two surfaces to cause friction. Once you stop enabling that hostility from your side, people can connect with you in a better way.

Pashupatinath : “People constantly tell you to be ‘the best version of yourself’. Because being patternless makes you too powerful to handle.
Knocking things over, fighting everyone and everything, rebelling stupidly – it’s all a part of ‘finding yourself’. By trying to ‘find yourself’, you limit yourself. You also become a target for everything and everyone you rebel against, adding insecurity. Now you need adarshas to feel secure.
The ‘finding yourself’ craze can be used in really mad ways. You can send off people doing all sorts of things by tapping into this craze.

The ‘be the best version of yourself’ idea is actually not sensible. There is no ‘best version’ possible because it means everything before that or after that is not good enough. Humans are always adapting, it’s how we survive. This kind of thinking only makes you more aggressive to your surroundings and people.

Ashwin: “Learn the difference between being useful and getting used. Be unusable and useful. The difference here is of consent. A straight tree gets chopped down, but a heavily knotted one doesn’t. It’s useful enough to provide shade and fruit, but does not get used.”

Humans are driven by the intention of being useful to others. If you aren’t useful, you don’t serve a purpose. While being useful is great, getting used is not. There will be people and animals who would want to take advantage of you being useful and end up harming you. Like a toxic relationship where your partner is leeching off your happiness. It is important to know how to protect yourself as you help others.

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