Stop Policing Yourself

By the lineage authority of the oldest school of Yoga, Trilok Akhada

Yogi Pashupatinath

It is important to develop some ferociousness with yourself and others.

When you have thoughts that distract you from your intentions they are caused by your inhibitory neurons.

As a child, parents and school and peers and society in general do not let you do what you want to do and they get upset when you make mistakes and when you fail.

These inhibitions get coded into the inhibitory neurons as a safety measure and distracting thoughts will inhibit your actions towards your intentions.

When you grow up and you want to do things that you like, these neurons will stop you by generating distracting thoughts.

Our first instinct is to resist them by saying "oh no no no". But this will not work because inhibitory neurons do not switch off unless they are agreed with.

So the resisting will make you sad and eventually depressed.

Inhibitory neurons can be switched off immediately if you agree with the thoughts that distract you from your goals.

Let's say you have decided to study something online. Immediately you may get a thought that someone is better than you because you have been told that often as a child. You try to resist it by saying no that's not true I will prove it etc etc, you have moved away from your intention and you are caught up in a conflict with your inhibitory neurons which you can never win.

Losing like this daily will make you sad daily and lead to permanent depression.

The way out is to immediately agree with the thought. Inhibitory neurons are designed to switch off when they are agreed with.

So continuing with the above example: you decide to learn something and if you get a thought someone is better than you... Agree strongly. Say yes yes this is true.

Immediately that inhibition will be dropped. The thought gets over. A new thought might come, like I haven’t done enough in life. Agree with that also, it will also drop, like this it won’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to drop all your bullshit.

Once the thoughts have become weak just carry out your intentions right away. Humbly without too much noise and glamour.

If you succeed in doing this for 3 days after 3 sleep cycles the inhibitory neurons that are stopping you will become permanently reformatted into not inhibiting you.

Do not believe that you will go further into depression if you agree with the depressing pro distracting thoughts. It’s quite the opposite, if you disagree and resist you will go further into depression. If you agree for 3 days you will be free.

So this is the ferocious eye that decides to watch for and defeat your inhibitory thoughts by inhibitory neurons.

The second thing to do is to keep a ferocious eye on the words of others that put you down or criticise you without asking. Just agree with them they will stop. And in three sleep cycles they too will stop policing you. From the fourth day you will be free from their bullshit also.

This is the practice of Rudraksha the ferocious eye.

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